Strange Bedfellows
by Andrew Black and Patricia Milton

An out — and outrageous — candidate for Orange County District Attorney is determined to stick to his principles. His more conservative campaign manager wants the candidate to veer to the middle. Will the two ever agree? In a chaotic campaign environment rich with politics and zany comedy, love strives mightily to conquer all.

Theatre Out, Santa Ana, CA produced the world premiere of Strange Bedfellows August 17-September 8. “Playwrights Night,” September 1, featured a short dialogue with the playwrights after the 8 pm performance.

Under the direction of Kevin Cordova, the cast included Theatre Out favorites Tito Ortiz, Nick McGee, Jeff Budner, Karen Wray and Icarus Zavala joined by Theatre Out newcomers Glenda Wright and Robert Purcell. The production was designed by Joey Baital and David C. Carnevale.

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The Orange County Register gushed: “Happily, ‘Bedfellows’ does poke fun at every political persuasion and sexual orientation around, both real and stereotypical. The result is a wacky comedy for the early 21st century, steeped in the ever-juicy back-room wheeling and dealing that has always characterized American politics. In lesser hands, the play’s succession of zany scenarios and zippy one-liners would be mere throwaways. Here, the jokes serve the story and  characters. Another plus is the reliable comic timing of Cordova’s cast  members, who fire off their lines at rapid speed while doing justice to  the script’s rhythms and sharpest edges.”

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