A Small Fishing Nation Wedged Between Estonia and Latvia scheduled for production

Andy’s new ten-minute play “A Small Fishing Nation Wedged Between Estonia in Latvia” will  be produced in two upcoming festivals this spring.

Stage Q in Madison, Wisconsin, will include the play in its Annual Queer Shorts Fest which runs from May 31 – June 9 at the Bartell Theater in Madison, WI.    The short play will also be produced at the Outworks GLBTQ Play Festival at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge,  Louisiana. This production is part of an evening of plays with GLBTQ themes.  The dates are:  May 1-6, 2012 at 7:30pm and also a second show on the 6th at 2pm.

The play centers on a male couple,  both named Steve,  whose house is being robbed by two masked strangers, a man and a woman. When Steve and Steve realizes that the male robber is also named Steve, they get an idea for a way to outsmart the pair and save their prized possessions.