“Mission: Irresistible” premieres in Sheherezade XII

“Mission: Irresistible” debuts in Sheherezade May 11

Patricia’s 10-minute comedy will lead off an evening of short plays produced by Wily West Productions and The Playwrights Center of San Francisco in “Sheherezade,” May 11-26 at Stagewerx in San Francisco.

In “Mission: Irresistible,” the Russia’s troubled Phobos-Grunt Mars Probe, stuck in the wrong orbit for more than a month, has experienced a fiery and uncontrolled fall back to Earth. The same can be said for NASA administrators Wanda’s and Bill’s relationship. Can a Russian astrophysicist make an emergency repair?

Critic Annette Lust (For All Events) wrote: “Mission Irresistible by Patricia Milton, directed by Ann Thomas, develops a Russian delegate’s (Diana Brown as the dynamically convincing Russian female) attempts to seduce two of Nasas’ serious minded astronaut representatives (Lila Tavelli and Wesley Cayabyab) into partnering with Russia.”