Not Without Our Women

Not Without Our Women

a new musical
Book by Andrew Black and Patricia Milton

Music by Caroline Altman

Lyrics by Altman/Black/Milton

Inspired by real people and events that led the State of Wyoming to affirm woman suffrage — fully forty years before the United States allowed women to vote or hold public office.

In the mid 1800s, the radical idea that women might vote and hold public office — or that single women might own property — was unthinkable. This new musical, based upon real people and events, explores what happened when the territory of Wyoming instituted woman suffrage, attracting independent women to the wild frontier.

As our musical’s main character, Beau Montgomery, sets aside his prejudices and embraces the idea that women can be equal partners with men, he models how human beings can choose to change their old ways of thinking. So, too, Beau’s love interest, Abigail, opens up to a new way of thinking about men and romance.

In San Francisco? Come to a free reading of “Not Without Our Women” March 12 or 13 at Thick House in Portrero Hill. It’s co-produced by 3 Girls Theatre Company.

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